How to Install Electric Solar Automatic Gate Opener Motor Actuator

How to install auto gate?

Install / July 23, 2017

Gate diagramDIY Swing Gate Openers are battery operated, low voltage systems that are safe and affordable. No electrician or welding is required, and most installations can be completed easily in two to three hours. Each system includes an installation overview DVD and a detailed Instruction Manual.

Buying a Swing Gate Opener

In order to purchase the appropriate gate opener model for your application, you must be able to answer these questions:

  1. Is it a single or dual gate installation?
  2. How much does the gate leaf (or leaves if it's a dual gate) weigh?
  3. How long is each gate leaf?
  4. Will the gate open into the property (pull to open) or away from the property (push to open)?
  5. Do you plan to charge the gate opener battery using the included transformer or an optional solar panel charging kit?

Determine Charging (Power) Options for the Gate Opener

The automatic gate opener is a low-voltage battery operated system. A battery is required for powering the opener (check your model to see if the battery is included or if you must purchase a 12 volt automotive/marine type battery).

The battery charge is maintained either by the transformer (included with gate opener systems) or an optional solar panel. If your gate is more than 1000' from an AC power source, you must use a solar panel charging kit(s) to maintain the battery's charge. Your gate opener Instruction Manual will provide specifications determining the number of solar panels your application will require (varies by the opener model, location, gate opener accessories, and number of daily gate cycles).

IMPORTANT: Before You Begin the Installation

View the Installation DVD and read the Instruction Manual in its entirety before beginning the installation. Because automatic gate openers produce high levels of force, it is important to review the Safety Instructions included with your gate opener before installation to avoid potential hazards caused by improperly installed/maintained gate opener systems.

Verify that the gate opener you purchased is suited for your gate's type/size/weight, frequency of use, and the proper class rating.

The gate opener is intended for vehicular gates only. A separate entrance/gate must be installed for pedestrian use.

Prepare the Gate for Installation of the Opener