Fireplace Gate

Kidco gate installation

Install / June 14, 2017

If you must absolutely mount a gate on a stair/banister, then consider this product. The pictures don't give what is included with this product (see photos).
You get TWO square clamps and 1 set of adapters in case you need to attach the top/bottom to a rounded vertical support. If you have a rounded vertical support at the top AND bottom, you may be stuck buying 2 of these.I suggest buying 1 first and seeing if you need the second.

My immediate opinions upon opening the packaging:

- All the screws and extras could have been placed in one bag, but I understand why they are separated (to prevent shortages)
- The packaging was the smallest they could get it, the large piece of wood is what actually causes the package to be so large
- Upon reading the instructions, Drilling IS REQUIRED, just not drilling into the banister
- The wood is well.wood color.I am installing this with a WHITE gate, so having it come painted white would have been looks tacky
- The long screws which anchor the wood into the plastic clamps are FLAT HEAD is positively frustratingwhen you try to use a drill and it keeps slipping -> the KidCo gates all have Phillips screws, why does this product have flat head? My guess? To drive you bonkers when trying to install a gate and having to use two different drivers.

Installation Tips:
- Install the clamps first by hand and use a small level (if you are absolutely OCD about that stuff).
- You will most likely be adjusting the clamps up/down to get the gate to install correctly, I did, 3 times.
- I suggest anchoring the gate directly into the clamp (unlike the product picture). The KidCo gate (2100) I installed had impossibly small wood screws and using an extension made me uneasy. I installed one part of the gate hinge directly into the clamp, this way the hinge and forces act directly on the clamp and you avoid any force multipliers (levers) if your kid pulls on it (see photo).