Munchkin Push to Close Extending Metal Gate Review — New West Mom

Munchkin protect gate installation

Install / November 26, 2018

Now this was an easy buy for me. My husband and I live in a townhouse. 3 floors unprotected with a nearly 2 year old running around and getting into everything, just about all the TIME!

With the eventual potty training through the night, 2nd step to day potty training (at least for me) I wanted to make sure that if my 2 year old was to get out of bed in the middle of the night with no one being awake, he wouldn’t accidentally fall down a flight of stairs because he can’t reach the hall light just yet and let me tell you these gates were EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

Now mind you, I did a lot of research before buying these gates especially for the hefty $44.99 price tag on To save me money something I always recommended is if you are buying off of Amazon they have ”Other Sellers on Amazon" content. That provides you with a list of "other sellers" that want to re-sell the product they bought, whether they didn’t like it or they don’t use it anymore and even if they bought to many. This is an AMAZING tool! You can save a lot of money on something just by using this and still get free shipping if you have an amazon prime account.

This is EXACTLY what I did. I bought 3 gates for $36.25 each a nearly $10 saving on each gate and I’ll take that. Whatever extra money is a deal for me!

As far as the gates, the instructions were confusing but with this gate being such a popular item, you can easily look up a "how to install" on the internet. That is another source I recommend! Everyone knows that not all instructions are easy to follow and having the internet accessible makes life just a little bit easier.

Back to the gates. After I watched the "how to" video it took me 6 minutes to put each one up, you have the option to screw them into the wall or not, my only issue is they came with 3m sticky tabs to make it "more secure" but they didn’t come with extra so as soon as you stuck them to the wall that’s its, no moving it, same with the drilling.

Opening and closing the gates are exceptional, it’s a one handed, open both ways, swing the gate shut, no effort needed. Like I said EXCEPTIONAL!! I LOVE these gates!! They also come with one extender each.

Now say your gap is wider than 35 Inches, if you bought multiple gates and you have one gap at 32" where you don’t need the extender, you can use the spare extender to add to the other gate. This actually happened in my house and it worked out nearly perfect. I still however need one more extender but that alone saved me a lot of money.