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Gate valve repair parts

Repair / April 10, 2018


VWAMS provides reliable customer service, support, and repair & re-manufacture of OEM gate valves and gate valve repair parts on a wholesale economic platform, with exceptional turn-around time, and at a level of quality unparalleled in our industry.

VW AfterMarket Services, Inc. (VWAMS), a subsidiary of VALVEWORKS USA, located in Bossier City, Louisiana USA, is an integral support function of VALVEWORKS USA, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of extremely high-quality API 6A gate valves, used in Wellhead and Christmas Tree applications, as well as choke and kill manifolds, drilling manifolds, flow-back manifolds, frac trees, and other applications where API 6A gate valves are required.

In the quickly evolving world of oil & gas exploration and production, oil & gas companies, service companies, and manufacturers are coming under heavy public scrutiny and liabilities are increasing at a very high rate. The demand for high-quality and reputable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair and remanufacture of production and exploration equipment is increasing daily.

As a result of this increasing demand, VWAMS was created to add value to the VALVEWORKS USA gate valve product line. As the API 6A gate valve market becomes more competitive, customers need products that can be trusted. VWAMS complements the VALVEWORKS USA brand, and is the right choice when it comes to the service and support of your gate valve assets.


VWAMS has strategically positioned assets to effectively perform API 6A qualified repair and remanufacture to OEM equipment to support your needs, whether it’s for your rental fleet assets that require continuous valve repair and / or re-manufacture, or for your production valves that require only periodic maintenance and / or repair.

With Valveworks USA being the gate valve OEM, and VWAMS providing the repair and remanufacture services to the gate valves, there is a seamless connection between the two functions, and you can rest assured that your fleet is being managed in a controlled environment with engineering support, as well as quality controls in place to ensure you meet your customer’s strenuous demands for valve certification and compliance.

As low-cost countries continue to attempt to penetrate the marketplace with low-quality products and services, and attempt to pirate engineering and production processes that reputable companies have spent years developing and investing in, VWAMS works diligently to protect these processes in order to support its loyal customer base and routinely cooperates with those clients to develop valve maintenance programs, as well as perform valve repair & remanufacture to API 6A standards, which are becoming more stringent on a daily basis.

Valveworks USA began as a valve repair parts manufacturer & supplier over 20 years ago, so it is only natural for Valveworks USA to supply your valve repair components for the Valveworks USA models of gate valves from stock. We are dedicated to supporting you with quality-assured, readily available repair parts to ensure that your assets are repaired or re-manufactured in a timely fashion to maximize your bottom-line and keep your customer satisfied.

Valveworks USA also has a robust manufacturing capability and capacity for any special requirements that you may have, such as special product lines that are outside of the family of products offered by Valveworks USA. For customers that are strategically aligned with Valveworks USA, we can offer a wide variety of machining, coating, and other special processes that you may require. We have the engineering infrastructure to work with you on any special projects as well.

Source: www.valveworksusa.com